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Fun Ways to Save Big During the Winter Holidays

Fun Ways to Save Big During the Winter Holidays

November 09, 2023

The holiday season is here! Typically full of celebrations, family, and joy, this time of year can also take a toll on your savings and present a setback to long-term financial goals. According to a new report from Deloitte, Americans are projected to spend an average of $1,652 on winter holiday purchases in 2023 - this is up 14% from the previous year. Consequently, if you’re worried about the impact holiday spending can have on your bank account, you’re probably not alone. Inflation and worrying headlines can make even the most festive people mutter “bah humbug.” 

Enjoying the winter holidays can be difficult if you’re anxious about your savings account and racking up debt. The holiday season is about joy and laughter, and your wallet doesn't have to be worn out by the end of it. Our financial planners in Appleton have some fun and clever ways for you to save money while still enjoying the festivities!

Winter Holiday Savings Tips

  1. Mastering the Holiday Budget: Set a budget that works like a magic wand for your finances. Determine your spending limits for gifts, decorations, and festive activities. Sticking to a budget helps prevent the post-holiday financial hangover.
  1. Santa's Shopping List Strategy: Prepare a list and check it twice! Create a well-organized gift list, complete with spending limits for each recipient. This ensures you have control over your spending and avoid last-minute splurges.
  1. Crafty and Cost-Effective Decorations: Get crafty with DIY decorations and heartfelt homemade gifts. It's not just about saving money; it's about adding a personal touch and creating meaningful holiday memories.
  1. Shopping Like a Pro: Become a holiday shopping pro by keeping an eye on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Compare prices and make use of discounts and cashback offers to maximize your savings.
  1. The Savory Savings Feast: Plan your holiday meals carefully to save big. Look for coupons, discounts, and loyalty programs to trim your grocery expenses. Hosting a potluck dinner with friends can also make your holiday feast budget-friendly.
  1. Journey to Savings: If you're traveling during the holidays, book your flights and accommodations well in advance to secure the best deals. Utilize travel rewards and consider carpooling to cut transportation costs.
  1. Outsmarting Impulse Buying: Resist the siren call of impulse buying during the holiday shopping frenzy. Stick to your list and budget, and avoid last-minute splurges to stay within your financial limits.
  1. Traditions with a Twist: Reimagine your holiday traditions to make them budget-friendly. Consider introducing a Secret Santa gift exchange or finding creative ways to enjoy the holiday spirit without overextending your budget.
  1. Budget-Friendly Fun: Swap expensive outings for free or low-cost activities. Visit local light displays, host cozy movie nights at home, or take part in community events. You can create memorable moments without straining your wallet.
  1. Holiday Savings Stash: To alleviate the financial burden of the holidays, consider setting up a dedicated holiday savings fund. Regular contributions throughout the year will ensure you're well-prepared when the holiday season arrives.

The winter holidays should be a time of joy, not a time of financial stress. By following these fun money-saving strategies, you’ll have a fantastic holiday season without worrying about overspending. If you have any additional questions about how to prioritize your long-term financial goals, contact our financial planners today!

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