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Our Process

We place a premium on financial planning, so helping you articulate your dreams and goals means we must collect the facts. Our first meeting will be conversational, focusing on your future. We will review what you have put in place up to this point, and help you move forward in the most efficient manner. We are a resource for our clients. We meet consistently with them to ensure we understand their goals, as well as to talk through any unforeseen expenses or cash flow needs.

Our advisory platform allows us to provide investment advice to our clients concerning asset allocation, security selection, and rebalancing. We will work with you to implement an appropriate asset allocation and invest in appropriate securities using mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), individual equities, and/or individual fixed income securities that are considered eligible for use in the program. We will monitor the investments on an ongoing basis and make sure they meet our criteria to be recommended for purchase and to continue to be held in your account.



Identify Goals

We will guide you through a comprehensive financial profile that will detail your time horizon, potential income needs, risk tolerance, and attitudes toward investing.



Create Personalized Investment Policy Statement

Based on the information gained from the financial profile, we will determine an appropriate asset allocation strategy. This strategy is formalized through an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that helps provide the discipline to follow an investment plan and make decisions free from emotion. This document is the “compass” for the account and can help monitor the progress of the account as well as serve as a springboard to discuss significant changes to your personal or financial situation.



Select Investments

We have access to a variety of investment options such as mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, and fixed income securities to complete your asset allocation. Because we know that every investor is different, we have put together different models to fit your needs based on risk tolerance and tax treatment.



Review and Monitor

Advanced account servicing tools help us analyze whether an account remains in line with its IPS. We meet with our clients periodically to review any significant changes to your personal or financial situation and help determine whether these changes will require any repositioning of the portfolio.

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